Tuesday, October 27, 2009

4 Great Ways to Get Your Ex Back in the Next 14 Days

Relationships are a great thing when they are working, but has the love of your life been cut out of your life? Are you wishing that they were back in your life for good? Are you confused, distraught, tired and frustrated? Do you think about what they are thinking and their every move constantly? It is only natural that you will feel like this. There are certain ways that can help get your ex back within 14 days and here are some of them!

#1 Sort yourself out first!

You need to ensure that you are in a stable state. You need to take a step back re-evaluate your life. If you don't do this then the chances are you'll come across as unstable and therefore not be in high demand!

#2 Don't get desperate

If taking a step back means you realize exactly how much your ex means to you, don't make yourself go mad. This will lead to you becoming desperate and then you'll find that you and your ex will grow further and further apart.

#3 Do be good friends

Allow yourself to become friends but don't push things to far. Don't get re-attached and make them realize that they don't have long to get back with you if that is what they want. Create some sort of demand and make them want you, don't just constantly show them that you want them.

#4 Drop the bomb!

After you've been friends for 10 days or so and acted as if your moving on, you need to take one last fight. Explain how you have been feeling and that you wanted to give them space, but you feel you are suited to give it another go.

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