Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are You Thinking How Do I Get My Boyfriend Back - 4 Simple Steps That Work in 30 Days Or Less

Are you wishing that whatever mistake you made could be erased from your boyfriend's memory? Do you wish that your relationship was as strong as it was 3-4 months ago? Do you wish that you were together and there was nothing in your way? Are you wondering where you'll be in 6 months and hoping that you'll be back in his arms!? The good thing is, this isn't the end. You're a fighter so you'll do what you can to get him back, if he cares and loves you then he won't be able to resists.

#1 Stabilize your mind

The main issue a lot of women have is being able to be stable once they have been left by their boyfriend. It is essential for your boyfriend to realize that you don't actually need him, but that you do want him. This will make you feel a lot better as well!

#2 Reduce communication

Now I know it is extremely difficult not to text or phone your ex every single day, but that is what needs to happen. It is ok to text or phone them say once a week, but you need to make him realize what it will be like on his own.

#3 Arrange to be friends

Arrange to be friends and just say you need a week or so before you can meet. This will start to create a feeling that he can't just text and phone you whenever he likes!

#4 Arrange to meet as friends

This is the key part of the process. You need to arrange to be friends, meet up and then explain exactly you how you feel. Leave it with him then call him within 3 days and see what he says - good luck!

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