Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back - How to Get an Ex Boyfriend Back Within 14 Days

Are you missing your boyfriend more than you ever thought possible? Do you wake up and instantly think about the times you had together? Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you were back with him? Do you ever think that your relationship status is over if he does not decide to get back with you? Would you do anything to get him back within your arms within 14 days? Try using these simple steps that will help all of this become a reality!

#1 Cut off for yourself

This is extremely important. For your own sake you need to detach yourself from thinking about him constantly. I've seen to many people go almost insane thinking what they ex boyfriend is or might be doing!

#2 Contact breakdowns

Let contacts between the pair of you reduce slowly. Don't allow him to phone you or text you all the time and don't do the same. If he is, that's a good thing, but tells him it is too hard and you can't.

#3 Don't be spiteful

If you truly want your ex boyfriend back then don't be spiteful, don't go on the rebound and get with the first male you see. Only get with someone if you see that they are better than your current boyfriend. He won't want you back if you have been elsewhere!

#4 Arrange a crunch

There needs to be a crunch point where you realize you are back together or not. Arrange to meet as friends and explain that you still feel like you want him in your life. Don't argue, but make sure he knows everything.

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