Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why Did My Ex Boyfriend Leave Me? - Understanding What Caused the Split So You Can Get Them Back

Wondering why your ex left you and understanding what caused the split between you will help you get them back fast.

There's nothing worse than being dumped and being left totally confused as to why your ex no longer wants to be with you!

What makes it worse is if they dumped you via text message or you found their new partner with them on MySpace, or whatever.

I'm going to be pretty blunt... your emotions are probably all over the place right now and you're not thinking clearly. If you're not thinking clearly then you're going to start doing things that are going to ruin your chances of getting back together. Because in actual fact, around 95 percent of relationships can be saved... but the more mistakes the lower that percentage goes.

I have a strategy in mind for you but it's going to cause you to get 'a little raw'.

Are you brave enough to fight for a love that you believe in?

Good! Because if it's not worth fighting for you shouldn't be reading my advice. So let's get on with it and get your ex back fast.

Why did your relationship really end? Here are a few of the most common problems, okay:

being controlling
being needy
being clingy
being jealous

All of these are pretty unhealthy ways to be and if you have acted in this way then you'd better stop now because all your future relationships will quickly turn into exes too.

Clingy partners are high maintenance and it's just not fun being partnered up with someone like that.

Next, you need to stop trying to figure it out yourself and read more of my ex back tips before it's too late.

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