Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get Back Together Quiz - Free Relationship Repair Help to Get You and Your Ex Together Again

Wanting to get back together with your ex? Answer this get back together quiz to work out your next step in repairing your relationship and getting back together for good -- before it's too late!

There are many different factors involved with a break up and there are also a number of reasons why people break up.

I'm going to help you analyze why your ex left you so that you can create your own customized plan to get them back before it's too late!

What Caused The Split With Your Ex?

Was it the fact that you were controlling?
Was it because someone cheated?
Was it that money get in the way?
Was it that your ex wasn't good enough for you?
Was it because one of you lost that loving feeling
Was it a combination of any of the above?

If you answered (1) then this is a serious trait that needs fixing. A few people can overlook a controlling nature and focus on your positive points but most people will eventually run! If you're able to control your controlling nature then chances are high for reconciliation.

If you answered (2) then this is a hard one to get over. The relationship is doomed to always suffer unless the one who cheated shows true remorse and is willing to listen to your voice. It's possible to still get together but you both have to be prepared to work at it.

If you answered (3) money should never be a control issue for either of you. You'll be happy to know if you're willing to handle your finances like two responsible people you can make this work. This is probably one of the easiest relationships to mend.

If you answered (4), everyone is looking for unconditional love and that means neither of you wanting to change the other. True acceptance of one another can lead to true love.

If you answered (5), it's time to look at what was lacking in the relationship and how the spark was lost.

If you answered (6), a combination of any of the above, most relationships don't fall apart because of one issue. It's possible to still get back together though.

As you can see, regardless of why you broke up, there is always a possibility of reuniting. In actual fact, 95 percent of relationships can be saved. If you'd like yours to be one of them then I'd like to help you get back together.

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