Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - 5 Super Tips to Have Her in Your Arms Within 7 Days

Are you struggling to find a way to get over your ex girlfriend? Does this mean you are truly in love? If so, are you struggling to find how to get your ex girlfriend back? Have you read pointless e-books and unhelpful hints and tips, none of which have helped so far? Are you close to giving up but your heart won't let you? I've managed to compile what I class as extremely good tips which will show you how to get your ex girlfriend back within 7 days, so they might be worth a read!

#1. Analyze the situation

First, you will need to ensure that there is no valid reason why your ex girlfriend will not take you back. If you have physically abused her, or cheated on her, then your situation is slightly different. Evaluate what went wrong in the relationship which led to the breakdown.

#2. Make the change

After evaluating what you did wrong, make a change. Change yourself and make sure she knows that the part she didn't like has changed.

#3. Don't go on the rebound!

A lot of people seem to think the hard to get approach works, personally I don't. Dating other women and going on the rebound is only likely to create more tension between you and her.

#4. Be good friends

Entering a relationship means that you love that person and actually like them more than your friends. So why shouldn't she be your friend? It is awkward at first but it will become a lot easier

#5. Reminisce

As you are now friends, go out for a meal, go to the cinema or go for a quick drink. Talk about the situation and have a laugh about the good times you had. When she gets home you can be assured she'll be thinking about you!

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